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Full Body Detox

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Get your strength and back. Start removing blockages and build-ups in your organs. Get rid of toxins and inflammation-- Acid CleanseFor optimal performance, Acid Cleanser should...

Get your strength and back. Start removing blockages and build-ups in your organs. Get rid of toxins and inflammation



Acid Cleanse

For optimal performance, Acid Cleanser should be taken one day after using the Power House.

It is Used for Acid re-flux, Mucus on the Chest, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Fibroid, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, Erectile Dysfunction, Heart Burns, Asthma and Hot flashes.

Our Full Body Detox’s are 100{f471d0ac2dbbf4094d8fd7d8354a524801515db07668cd6f428bbade99042fac}  safe and all natural. By using these products : toxic waste, blockages and inflammations would be eradicated from your body that intern will give your body the required revitalization it needs. Diabetes can affect anyone, irrespective of your personality or your age. According to researchers, some people that die from diabetes are more when compared to those that die from AIDS and breast cancer. It also the main cause of blindness, stroke, heart failure.

What causes diabetes?

Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases whereby a person has high blood sugar due to inability to produce, or inability to metabolize, sufficient quantities of the hormone insulin. The Pancreas is a gland near the stomach which secretes a fluid into the duodenum to help with food digestion. Once you have diabetes, the body won’t produce sufficient insulin and can’t make use of it own insulin the way it should. This causes sugars to build up in your blood. Cholesterol and Diabetes can upset the balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol levels. People with diabetes tend to have LDL particles that stick to arteries and damage blood vessel walls more easily. The herbs in our Acid Cleanse will aid your body in removing blockages and inflammation and will allow your body to heal itself naturally.

Instructions: Shake well before use. Take 4 oz twice daily. For severe Illnesses such as diabetes, Asthma, Cholesterol, etc. Use continuously for 1-3 months


Power House

This product is made to remove all toxins and buildups in the colon that causes bloating, constipation as well as stomach aches in the internal organs. It cleans organs such as lungs, kidney, and lungs. Power house cleanser also brings back your energy, cleanses your blood and restores your appetite. In case you have other intense issues with lungs, liver, kidney and more that are not mentioned, you can start using acid cleanse within 24 hours of using power house.

*Note: Results May Vary

For those that are suffering from constipation, if after taking the first Power House and not having more than two bowel movement within 24 hours. You will need to take another 8 oz whenever the time is permissible to get a thorough cleanse.

It’s the only 100{f471d0ac2dbbf4094d8fd7d8354a524801515db07668cd6f428bbade99042fac} All Natural 1-Day Complete Cleanse in America

Our Products includes: No Artificial Flavoring, No Additives, No Preservatives, No Added Sugars. Since we are not adding these materials in our product, your body will receive the full benefits of the herbal plants that we use in our product.

90 percent of the herbs we use to make our product are cultivated on our own such as Aloe Vera, Sour Sop Leaves, Moringa, Garlic, Dandelion, King of the forest, Peppermint, Anamu(Guinea Hen), Jack in the Bush

Why is it essential to cleanse?

Since 80-90{f471d0ac2dbbf4094d8fd7d8354a524801515db07668cd6f428bbade99042fac} of diseases are thought to begin in the colon and most of us, only have two days off from work why not use the only 1 Day Complete All Natural Cleanser in America and get that Energy you need in 24 hours of drinking the Power House

Who will benefit from our product?

Anyone who has illnesses

Anyone who cares about his/her health and wants to reach optimal health,

A healthy person who wants to stay healthy

*Note: Results may vary for each individual


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